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Chris Gannon

Chris Gannon

Chris is an independent animator, illustrator and interactive designer from the UK. He specialises in delicious interactive SVG animation and has worked his magic on some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) companies. His fresh and experimental approach to his work has been recognised with multiple CSS Design awards and recently he’s noticed he has an unnatural obsession with eggs and outer space.

The Almighty Rabbit Hole

Tuesday, 25th – 3:10 PM

Inspiration - it's the unquantifiable thing that takes us from nowhere to somewhere - even if that somewhere turns out to be nowhere else the journey to that nowhere is often just as useful as arriving at somewhere. I haven't taken my meds today.

And it's difficult to get inspired sometimes. We often make the mistake of looking at our own industry for answers and ideas which leads to regurgitation and me-too-ness.For us to stay interested in our careers we need try new things and experiment. And the first step on our path to the next step is inspiration.

My talk is about the rabbit holes I go down, what I find down there (spoiler alert: sometimes it's just rabbit sh*t) and where they lead. I prefer not to give advice but if you can use some of my methods and apply them to your own work then I'll be happy (and so will you, hopefully).

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