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UX Courses

With our online UX courses, which generally take up a few half days, we aim to give you a similar experience and access to experts that you would have in an in-person UX design workshop.

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With our online UX courses however, you can take them from your own desk or couch, and can do it either live (real-time) or watch the video course at your own leisure, as all video recordings are included.

Practical and interactive courses

Our online courses have a lot of practical ux design examples and interactive exercises. If you are watching live, you can ask questions during Q&A, and of course you can use the online course recordings and materials to study UX design at your own pace, at your own time.

Wide range of UX design topics

We offer many online UX design courses at various levels, covering a wide range of UX design topics, such as Interface Design Patterns, Psychology for UX, Design Systems and many more. Please check our upcoming (live) courses, and see what UX design courses we have offered in the past, if you want to be notified of new live offerings.

SmashingConf Online Workshops

Blown away by all the knowledge I’ve soaked in from @rachelandrew’s online CSS layout masterclass. Incredible how much you can learn about a thing you thought you already knew just by hearing it explained again. Thanks for organising this @smashingconf #smashingconf ✨

  • Smart Interface Design Patterns, 2022 Edition

    with Vitaly Friedman

    Workshop, 5×2.5h + Q&A Mon & Tue, Oct 25 – Nov 8 2021
    09:00 – 11:30 AM PT (Pacific, US) 18:00 – 20:30 CET (Europe)

    Are you ready for a design challenge? In this series of online workshops, Vitaly Friedman, creative lead behind Smashing Magazine, will be taking a microscopic examination of common components and design patterns in modern interfaces — on desktop and on mobile.

    We’ll study 100s of hand-picked examples and we’ll be designing interfaces together, starting from accordions, to mega-drop-downs, sliders, feature comparisons, car configurators — all the way to timelines and onboarding. And: We’ll be reviewing and providing feedback to each other’s work as well.

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  • Susan Weinschenk Guthrie Weinschenk
    On the web

    On Twitter

    Behavioral Design Workshop

    with Susan Weinschenk, Guthrie Weinschenk

    Workshop, 5×2.5h + Q&A Wed & Thu, Nov 3–17 2021
    09:00 – 11:30 AM PT (Pacific, US) 17:00 – 19:30 CET (Europe)

    Learn how to apply recent research in brain and behavioral science and behavioral economics to engage, encourage, and persuade the people that use your products and services.

    In this workshop, Susan and Guthrie share the latest research on what grabs and holds attention, how people make decisions, how context affects behavior, and what motivates people to take action.

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  • Yury Vetrov
    On the web
    On Twitter

    Design Management Masterclass

    with Yury Vetrov

    Workshop, 5×2.5h + Q&A Wed & Thu, Dec 1–15 2021
    09:00 – 11:30 AM PT (Pacific, US) 18:00 – 20:30 CET (Europe)

    Are you working as a designer or design manager in an organisation and want to get better results? Want to take the design maturity of your organisation to the next level? Design Management Patterns is the way forward. In this practical 5-day interactive workshop, Yury will teach you how to analyse your organisation’s design maturity and provide you with practical ways to improve.

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  • Designing The Perfect Navigation

    with Vitaly Friedman

    Workshop, 2×2.5h + Q&A Thu & Fri, Dec 2–3 2021
    09:00 – 12:00 AM PT (Pacific, US) 18:00 – 21:00 CET (Europe)

    Navigation is everywhere on the web — in accordions, in hamburger menus, mega-dropdowns, bottom bars, tabs, carousels, filters and search. Sometimes they open on tap, sometimes on click, sometimes on hover. Sometimes they open and collapse automatically, and sometimes auto-apply or patiently wait for a manual confirmation.

    But what’s the right way to pave a clear path to your customers while also reaching your business goals and drive traffic and engagement along the way?

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What’s A Smashing Online Course Like?

With our online courses, we aim to give you a similar experience and access to experts as in an in-person workshop, but without needing to leave your desk. This way you have the choice to follow the course live and join the interactive exercises with your 'classmates', or check the recorded course in your own time, learning at your own pace. Or do both, of course!

Our online courses are all about front-end and UX topics, and whilst they are structured differently, all of them are packed with practical examples. You can also ask questions live during dedicated Q&A time, and of course you'll get all online course materials and recordings, too.

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Vitaly giving a remote workshop.
Convince your boss (PDF).
“Convince Your Boss Template”. You can use it to explain why you'd like to do an online course with Smashing.
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Are Online Courses Worth It?

We’re putting our heart and soul into crafting personal, inclusive and valuable courses for all of us to become better professionals. Hands-on courses, in an online, friendly, inspiring and exciting setting.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Experienced teachers exploring actual solutions to actual problems
  • Video recordings of all sessions
  • Live Q&A sessions, group work, homework and reviews
  • Practical, actionable insights
  • Personal feedback
  • Live design and coding sessions
  • Interaction and connection with other students
  • In your own time at your own pace: you decide when you want to learn.

We’re happy to provide discounts for large groups (5+ attendees) and students. Interested? Email us and we’ll sort it out!