Smashing Conference

John Allsopp


For nearly 20 years John has developed software and written books (Developing With Web Standards, A Dao of Web Design, courses, tutorials, and articles for web designers and developers. He’s also the co-founder of Web Directions Conference. John outlined the idea that the Web is its own medium, and we must embrace its characteristics, not decry them as bugs.

The Web's future is offline

Wednesday, 10th – 5:00PM

The Web is in most people's mind synonymous with the internet. And that of course means no internet connection, no Web. However this association is holding back how, and what, we build for the Web.

Just as native apps can, once installed, run on a device even with poor or now connectivity, it's a little known fact that so too can Web sites and apps. In this session, John will look at the technologies that enable the offline Web, including AppCache, Web Storage, and Service Workers, and more importantly the philosophy behind, and opportunity presented by the 'offline first' Web.

Whether you're a developer who build for the Web, or someone who designs Web experiences, you'll come away with a whole new understanding of what we can build using Web technologies.

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