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Lyza D. Gardner


Lyza Danger Gardner is a dev. Since co-founding Portland, Ore.-based mobile web start-up Cloud Four in 2007, Lyza has tortured and thrilled herself with the intricate ins and outs of the bazillion devices and browsers now accessing the web globally. Lyza and co-founder Jason Grigsby are the authors of Head First Mobile Web (O'Reilly).

Soothing Web Weariness

Thursday, 11th – 11:00AM

Maybe it’s just rose-tinted nostalgia, but I swear building the Web used to be easier. Now there are myriad complexities that require deep specializations to conquer. Even if we’re all absurdly smart and have our heads around it for now, the trajectory is continuing toward splintered complexity. We’re human and our processes can’t scale indefinitely. They’re already breaking down and making us crazy, drowning us in detailed or buggy minutiae that distract us from the visions we’re pursuing. The Web can make us feel weary.

But we can step back and reframe the battles in ways that bring priorities back to center focus, helping us figure out what really matters. We can champion a strategy of doing as little as possible to help save the future of the web—and our own sanity.

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