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Marcin Wichary


Marcin is a product designer at Medium. Previously, he was a fellow at Code for America and a user experience designer at Google, working with the Chrome, search, and homepage doodle teams. After hours, Marcin likes to photograph cities, research old technology, and force his friends to watch “Sneakers” over and over again.

Good is the enemy of great: On designing, and then undesigning, a perfect link underline

Wednesday, 10th – 9:15AM

It took Marcin thirty-one days to design a perfect underline for Medium, the popular publishing platform. Alright, so it was more like a few days, and the underlines are far from perfect. The point remains. And that point might be: craftsmanship is hard and it will break your heart – and learning when it’s important to keep it up, and when it’s okay to leave it behind, might be one of the harder things to master as a designer.

Let’s talk about craft, maintenance, old typewriters, how CSS gradients are always a solution to every single goddamn problem, and how much fun working on typography is in a modern web product.

Did I say “fun”? I might have meant “pain.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure I did.

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