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Marcy Sutton


Marcy Sutton is a developer at Substantial in Seattle working on Angular.js Material Design and accessibility. She became interested in web development in photography and art school, creating HTML websites for documentary classes and later, interactive Flash websites. Naturally she went back to HTML & CSS, with Ecmascript experience that helped her fall in love with JavaScript. When she learned about Web Accessibility, she liked that it reflected her values and added meaning to the work. Marcy loves solving problems with design and code when they have potential to help everyone.

A Web for Everybody

Wednesday, 10th – 12:00PM

To be truly innovative, we must build accessible prototypes, websites, web applications and platforms. Sometimes we make incorrect assumptions about our users, which can negatively impact usability through short-sighted interaction design & execution. In this talk, learn about accessibility through modern web techniques that engage your brain as well as your compassion muscles: Sass for keyboards, focus management, accessible responsive images, text alternatives and more.

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