Smashing Conference

Stephen Hay


Stephen Hay is designing for the web since 1995. His roots as a designer and art director in corporate identity / packaging design and advertising served as a foundation for his current work as web design and development strategist through his own user experience consultancy Zero Interface. Stephen is a popular speaker on the subjects of CSS, web accessibility, and open web standards. He has published several articles on these subjects.

Easing the Pain of Designing in the Browser

Wednesday, 10th – 4:15PM

Perhaps you already “design in the browser”, or you see the advantages and would like to get started. If you already design in the browser, you might feel that Photoshop is quicker and easier. If you still design in Photoshop, you could have the idea that designing in the browser seems a bit too much like development. Luckily, there are ways to make the process easier and take advantage of the real benefits of this new approach.

Join Stephen as he walks through a browser-based design from the ground up, demonstrating the thinking, tips, and tools you can use as you follow this process to a finished product.

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