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Val Head


Val Head is a designer and consultant based in Philadelphia. Her work ranges from projects on the web to interactive installations to print. She is the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations, teaches CSS Animations on, and hosts the All The Right Moves tutorial screencast.

You can find her on stage speaking at events like An Event Apart and encouraging others to do the same as the co-host of the Ladies in Tech podcast. She also founded the popular Web Design Day conference, and leads workshops around the world on animation for the web and creative coding.

All The Right Moves: Putting your UIs in Motion

Thursday, 11th – 2:00PM

CSS animations are a powerful option to add design details to your work. When used well, motion can bring delightful moments to a user interface and improve interactions.That’s the kind of animation we want in our work! Carefully crafting these moments makes our work more memorable and enjoyable to use. In this session we’ll discuss where animation can best inform UX and how CSS can be used to build sophisticated animated interactions.

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